Trade Show SIgn

Trade shows often take place in large convention centers where WiFi networks are usually overloaded and electrical outlets are hard to find. They are also where money is exchanging hands and business is taking place in increasingly mobile-fueled situations. The need for commercial charging stations has never been greater for trade show organizers, as mobile devices are becoming the go-to solution for business transactions.


Keep Buyers on the Show Floor Longer

As an event organizer, one of your main priorities is to keep all buying attendees within the venue for as long as possible. The longer they are there, the more money they are likely to spend with your exhibitors. The more money your exhibitors make, the more likely they are to rebook a booth for your next show. It’s a win-win.


“I rarely stay at a trade show more than a couple of hours. I’m on my phone constantly, researching companies I might want to do business with, and if I don’t bring my own charging block, I’ll be out of juice fast. The last restaurant show I went to at the Javits Center, there were charging stations all over the floor. There was almost one for every aisle and I ended up staying for an entire day instead of just the morning like I’d intended.” Marcel, restaurant owner, New York


Providing food and beverages for your attendees throughout the day is the best way to keep people at your event. Having multiple charging devices on the floor to ensure nobody leaves just to charge their phone is the second best. Both help ensure they visit as many exhibitors as possible before your event wraps up.


Upsell Exhibitors with In-Booth Charging

Not only will it benefit your attendees by having multi device charging stations readily available throughout the trade show floor, you can also boost your own bottom-line by up-selling branding space on the charging stations to exhibitors. In-booth, branded phone charging towers can help businesses better advertise their products to attendees. It also helps keep buyers in their booths longer at the same time.


“The last show where I exhibited, I decided to try out the VIP Charging Tower in my booth. It attracted a good crowd and I definitely had longer conversations with potential customers while their phones charged. Year-over-year at this show my profits increased by 20%. I can say with certainty that the station had some part in that result.” Rebecca, jewelry designer, Wisconsin


Some companies might consider creating more of a lounge area and use cellphone charging stations like the The Bistro Charging Table,. It has 8 USB Ports, 12 Charging Cables, 4 a Wireless Charging Pads and 4 x 110v electrical outlets for laptops. You can also brand it in a custom 3M vinyl wrap. It’s a great way to increase your presence on the show floor.


Station Placement

Trade show floors vary in size and structure based on the type of show. But convention centers, hotels and other spaces always seem to have a good spot for a multi device charging station. Here are a few options:

  • Entrance: Immediately after a buyer comes through the doors and enters the event space, seeing a phone charging station relaxes them. They don’t have to worry about losing battery life as they get ready to wander the exhibitor booths.
  • Aisle caps: Strategically placing a device charging station at the end of your aisles means buyers will have to go down an entire aisle to get to them. This leads them passed eager exhibitors they may want to engage with as they walk.
  • Education or demo stations: Most trade shows have educational sessions or demonstrations are occurring throughout the day. Don’t miss this key locale for one or more phone charger stations. These areas are going to attract dozens of people. What better time to offer them a break from their screen to charge up and pay attention to your speakers?
  • Center hall: A centrally-located cell phone charging station with a map of the show floor on the screen works great! It helps people find interesting exhibitors while powering up at the same time.
  • Near restrooms: Including a few mobile device charging stations near the restroom area is essential. Buyers will need to use the facilities the longer they are on the show floor. Offering them a way to plug in their devices when they are already taking a break will up the chances that they’ll make their way back to the show floor. Sometimes attendees may head outside of the venue or up to their room to charge up. Charging Stations increase the chances of them staying on the floor..


The Major Takeaways

  • Charging stations keep buyers on the show floor are a must. You don’t want people to venture out of the convention center to find a way to charge their phones.
  • Exhibitors often love the idea of branded charging towers or kiosks. This creates a great opportunity to up-sell the devices to many businesses and increase your own bottom-line.
  • Trade shows offer many logical and beneficial locations where phone charging stations can be placed. Aisle caps, central lobbies, outside restrooms, and near stages are just a few great options.


Multi Device Charging Stations at trade shows are a necessity in the modern business climate. People are conducting business directly off their phone, tablet or laptop. By offering a number of solutions throughout the show floor, you’ll be benefiting your business, event, and exhibitors.