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Students standing in front of the SolMate solar cellphone charging station

Government Grants For Solar Charging Stations

Many of our clients receive government grants for solar powered charging stations. Apparently, they aren’t that hard to get. New & old Government Grants are available everyday and are available to just about everyone. We thought we’d show you how you can apply for a grant for your own solar powered charging station.


Who Qualifies?

Environmental awareness is growing in popularity and the planet is happy about that. Many schools have been able to expand their budgets for green initiatives by acquiring green grants. This term covers various sources of funding including grants, donations and community sponsorships. Each different funding source has unique qualities and requirements but their purpose is the same. To promote and support a philosophy of environmental leadership. What does this mean? It means that if you care about the planet and want to do something environmentally responsible, apply for a grant. Any money that goes unspent is gone forever so do your part and use these generous options to GO GREEN. If you’re a college, university, public or charter school, or even if you manage a public or private building, you can qualify and should apply.


The application process to get a grant is relatively easy and the approval process is pretty fast. The students were very excited when the Sol-Mate arrived on the campus. We placed it by the bleaches so students could charge up during Football games and track events. Everyone loves it and we’re happy to be part of a great green initiative. – Laura F., Harrisonville Middle School.


Where Do I Apply For A Grant

According to, a hub for federal grants, 28 different federal agencies offer more than 1,100 grant programs. These programs total about $600 billion in annual awards. (Yes, that’s billion) These federal funds are usually distributed through state agencies that manage the application and award process. These rebates most often are given in return for energy-efficiency measures such as lighting retrofits, chiller replacements and yes, solar phone charging stations.


Another great source for rebates and incentives are utility companies. Companies like Duke Energy are educating K-12 students on how to be more energy responsible and grants are a part of that. Energy companies are always looking for ways to reduce the demand for energy in their areas. By offering green initiatives, energy companies like Duke are mitigating the need to build more plants.


For a list of funding availability for energy-related measures, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency ( is a good resource. This class of funding is available to many public institutions, including schools and universities.


Solar Powered Charging Station Options

Growcharge Inc offers 2 different styles of Solar Powered Cellphone Charging Stations. They are the SolMate Solar Cellphone Charger and The Plaza Solar Charging Bench, a park style charging bench. We can guide you through the application process and also help you choose the right solar charging for your needs. Just give us a call at 1-800-403-1560, email us at or contact us via Live Chat.