Solar Phone Charging Stations for Cell Phones

Solar Phone Charging Stations - The Wave of the Future

GrowCharge offers a great selection of solar phone charging stations for cell phones and other devices. We provide both solar-powered benches and stand-alone solar charging poles. They're all great for parks, campuses, hiking trails, campgrounds, and anywhere else where people may need to charge their devices while outdoors.

SolMate Solar Phone Charging Station

The Sol-Mate Solar Phone Charging Station

Our Newest Solar Phone Charging Station is our updated Sol-Mate Solar Charging Pole. We took our most popular solar charging station and upgraded it by adding 2 wireless charging pads. We also added a more powerful solar panel and streamlined our design. The Sol-Mate comes with 5 USB ports, (one is a dedicated handicap port), and 2 x 20-watt MagSafe wireless charging pads, for quick wireless charging. We have these in some of the most remote places in North America. And, in some of the busiest cities in states like Louisiana, New Jersey, NYC, Florida, Texas, and California. Its sleek design and small footprint make it ideal for both the wilderness and cites. It's beautifully designed and includes a solid table for you to lean on while you answer emails, call home or browse social media.

Why Cities Are Adding Solar Charging Stations to their Infrastructure

More and more cities are adding solar phone charging stations for phones and tablets to their infrastructure. They give their citizens a spot to charge up their devices so they don't lose touch with families. friends and clients. Our GREEN charging solutions are permanent fixtures that are easy to set up and install.

Helping The Homeless With Phone Charging

One group that really benefits from these charging stations of the future is the homeless population. We wrote a blog on this very topic, and you can check it out here. Almost 80% of the homeless population use cell phones daily, but finding a spot to charge their devices is a huge challenge. Not only do they need cell phones to keep track of medical appointments, but they also need them because most shelters use text services to let people know when space is available within their shelters. Adding a solar phone charging station outside of homeless shelters or nearby, makes it much easier for them to stay charged up. Getting alerts about available beds, medical appointments, and keeping in touch with their friends and families is essential.

Solar Charging Stations Free Though Government Grants

The push for GREEN ENERGY is growing every day but affordability for institutions can be a challenge. Local State, and Federal Governments have started offering free funding for projects that include Solar Power and GREEN technologies. There are various websites that show which regions are currently offering this funding. www.grants.gov and www.dsireusa.org are two of the websites that organizations can go to and apply and In most cases, receive funding. We've had many of our customers successfully get funding to add solar phone charging stations to their sites and the approval process is pretty quick. We wrote a blog on this titled, Solar Powered Charging Stations Free Through Government Grants. This article will give you an idea of the process and how to successfully get free funding for Solar Powered Phone Charging Stations for your city, venue, or organization.

GrowCharge Leading The Way in Green Tech

At GrowCharge, we're committed to keeping people's devices charged and are also huge fans of Green Initiatives. Our Solar Series of Charging Stations use top-of-the-line Solar Panels. And, all of our solar products are made from high gauge, cold-rolled steel.

Whether you're looking for an indoor charging or outdoor solar solution, we've got you covered. Contact us today for a quick quote!

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