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Cell phone charging station rentals are excellent for new events to promote your brand! More and more Event Planners are adding cell charging stations for events and it makes complete sense because battery power can be the lifeblood of an events success. Attendees need power for their tickets, event apps, calendars, camera, social media, email, making and receiving calls and for a host of other reasons. Check out our new blog,Charging Stations For Events & Conferences: The Complete Guide Cell Phone Charging Stations For Events & Conferences: The Complete Guide

The two most popular styles of device charging stations for events are Phone Charging Lockers and Charging Furniture such as Charging Tables. Below is a brief description of the benefits of each.

Custom Brand Your Charging Stations

You can also customize your charging stations using one of our branding templates which you can download from our Downloads Page. You can use as many colors as you'd like and once the artwork is signed off on, we'll apply the 3M vinyl wrap to your charging stations prior to shipping them out.

Bistro Charging Table

The Bistro Charging Table

Secure Cell Charging Lockers

The benefit of cell charging lockers is in the name, lockers. These allow attendees to lock up their devices and charge their phones and still roam around the show floor or attend a meeting. Two great options that Growcharge offers are The VIP and The Boxster UV. Both units use a personal 4 digit PIN code to charge and retrieve devices and planners love them. They either spread them out around a show or event floor or they add them as part of a "Rest & Recharge" area.

Charging Tables For Rent

Charging Tables for events are a great choice for a number of reasons. They easily sub in for existing tables which makes placement easy and they're really convenient for attendees to use. The Bistro Charging Table comes with 4 Wireless Pads, 12 charging cords, 8 USB Ports and 4 - 110 volt outlets to charge laptops or anything else some might need power for. Event Planners can offer these to Exhibitors to put in their booths to not only attract more people but also keep them there for at least 15-30 minutes while they charge up. Other convenient spots that Planners add branded custom charging tables are eating areas, event check-ins, waiting areas and Rest & Recharge areas.

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