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The VIP Charging Locker

VIP Cellphone Charging Locker with 19" HD Display


  • Small Footprint
  • Rapid Charge
  • Easy to Ship & Set-up
  • Supports Apple Lightning, Android & USB-C
  • 8 Charging Lockers & 24 Charging Cords
  • 19” HD Screen for Photos & Video
  • Cable Output: 5v/2.4A each
  • 4 Digit PIN Created by User


The VIP Cellphone and Tablet Charging Locker has 8 lockers and is a tower-style charging station that also comes with a 19″ HD screen to showcase your brand and message. It charges both phones and tablets and its tower-style design allows it to stand out in a crowd while having just a 2′ x 2′ footprint. The VIP is our most popular charging station rental and we also sell them to Colleges, Hospitals, and Entertainment Venues.


Charging Lockers For Events


For events, locker style charging stations like The VIP allow attendees to charge their device while continuing to roam around the event that they’re attending. Charging Stations like The VIP have excellent opportunities for custom 3M Vinyl Branding and they also come with a 19″ HD screen for showing videos, photos and presentations. They’re free to use and are an excellent revenue generator from a planner/sponsorship perspective.


An Easy To Use Phone Charging Station


When a client needs to charge their device, they press the “Charge” button and then they will be asked to select an empty locker. From there, they will need to enter a unique 4 digit PIN code and then the vacant locker will pop open. The client then plugs their phone in and shuts the door. To retrieve their device, they press the “Retrieve” button, select their locker and then enter their 4 digit PIN code. The locker will pop open and they can retrieve their device. In the event someone forgets their PIN code, there is a manager override code that can be used or there is a key.

Looking for something a little more compact that you can mount to a wall? Check out our Boxster UV Charging Locker.


13.5”(W) x 16”(D) x 64”(H) 120lbs.
8 x Phone Lockers
24 x Charging Cables Included
19” LCD Screen

Cable Output: 5V/2.4A each
Power Input: AC 100–240V / 50~60Hz
Housing Material: Cold-rolled Steel


VIP Cellphone Charging Lockers with 19" HD Screen and Custom Branding
VIP Cellphone Charging Lockers with 19" HD Screen and Custom Branding
VIP Cellphone Charging Locker Custom Travel Crates

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