The Boxster UV Max Charging Locker

Features :

  • 16 Phone Charging Lockers
  • Ultraviolet Light Modules (UV-C) kill 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
  • 3 Charging Cables per Locker
  • Supports Charging & UV Sterilizing of iPads, Tablets, Headsets and more
  • UV Wavelength: range of UVC (100-280 nm)
  • PIN Code Locking System
  • LED Indicator: Blue (Available), Red (Occupied), Purple (Disinfecting)
  • Fast Charge 5V/2.4a
  • Mounts to a wall or sits on a table or optional stand
  • Operates using a regular 110v Outlet

19”(W) x 11”(D) x 26”(H) 97lbs.

Description :

The Boxster UV MAX Charging Locker mounts to a wall or sits on a table and can charge up to 16 cellphones at one time! Along with super-fast charging, it also sterilizes the devices while they’re charging. The commercial phone charging station uses the same locking system found on our VIP Charging Station where users enter their own unique PIN on the keypad to charge and retrieve devices.
It’s been said that cellphones have 10 times more bacteria on them than some bathrooms. Our UV lockers can solve that problem by using UV-C Waves between 100-280nm to disinfect your devices in about a minute. We offer them for rent and for sale and as with all of our products, it uses our Rapid Charge Technology and is built from lightweight steel.
The Boxster UV MAX charging locker is the premier phone charging station on the market today. It disinfects cell phones and tablets, which are notorious for carrying nasty germs and bacteria, using UV light. This 16 locker multi-device charging station is very popular with Hospitals, Colleges, and Entertainment & Sports Venues. We also rent them out for conferences and events!

Pricing :

The Boxster UV Max Charging Locker

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Specs :

16 x Phone Charging Lockers
48  x Charging Cables Included
Apple Lightning Cables x 16
Micro USB Cables x 16
USB-C x 16

Input / Output
Cable Output: 5V/2.4A each
Input Adapter (Wall) : 100-240V ~ 2A 50/60Hz
Output Adapter (Wall) : 18V DC 4.0A

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