The Boxster UV Max Charging Locker

Features :

  • 16 Phone Charging Lockers
  • Ultraviolet Light Modules (UV-C) kill 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
  • 3 Charging Cables per Locker
  • Supports Charging & UV Sterilizing of iPads, Tablets, Headsets and more
  • UV Wavelength: range of UVC (100-280 nm)
  • PIN Code Locking System
  • LED Indicator: Blue (Available), Red (Occupied), Purple (Disinfecting)
  • Fast Charge 5V/2.4a
  • Mounts to a wall or sits on a table or optional stand
  • Operates using a regular 110v Outlet

19”(W) x 11”(D) x 26”(H) 97lbs.

Description :


The Boxster UV MAX Charging Locker is the larger version of our Boxster UV Charging Locker. It can charge up to 16 cellphones at one time! Along with super-fast charging, it also sterilizes the devices while they’re charging. This commercial phone charging station is very popular with Hospitals, Colleges and Universities. Users enter their own unique PIN on the keypad to charge and retrieve devices.

Phone Charging Stations For Hospitals
With 16 lockers for charging and sterilizing, the UV MAX is a great solution for any venue. One of our really popular locations for the UV MAX, is Hospitals. Hospitals are notorious for not having enough electrical outlets to meet today’s demand for power. With long stays in waiting rooms, patients and visitors can find themselves without power and a very low battery. This can lead to disaster when a patient is trying to access medical records or someone in their contacts. The UV MAX also relieves the Nurses of the pressure of having to charge and be responsible for, someone’s phone while it charges. A top complaint among Nurses today. The UV sterilization is also very popular as it helps cut down on the transmission of germs and bacteria.

Charging Stations – Is Bigger, Better?

We’re not sure sure if bigger is better but the UV MAX having 16 lockers while taking up a very small footprint, has been a huge hit. At just 19” Wide by 26″ Tall, it’s about the size of medium sized picture and hangs on a wall almost as easily. Each locker bay contains three cables to charge today’s latest phones. Made with durable, industrial-grade materials to protect from theft and also endure frequent usage. It can be securely attached to any wall to prevent theft or damage and it’s very useful in waiting areas, receptions and school hallways.

Looking for something a little smaller and a little less expensive? Check out are Boxster UV 8 Locker Charging Station.

Pricing :

The Boxster UV Max Charging Locker

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The Boxster UV MAXX Phone Charging Locker

Specs :

16 x Phone Charging Lockers
48  x Charging Cables Included
Apple Lightning Cables x 16
Micro USB Cables x 16
USB-C x 16

Input / Output
Cable Output: 5V/2.4A each
Input Adapter (Wall) : 100-240V ~ 2A 50/60Hz
Output Adapter (Wall) : 18V DC 4.0A

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