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The Bistro Charging Table

Bistro Cellphone charging table with custom 3M branding for T-Mobile


  • Wireless & Wired Charging
  • 32” Glass Top
  • 12 Cords, 8 USB Ports, 4 Wireless Pads
  • Supports Lightning, Android & USB-C
  • 4 110v Outlets for Laptops
  • Creates a Great Meeting Space
  • Custom 3M Vinyl Branding
  • Easy to Ship & Set-up
  • Operates using regular 110v Outlet
  • Cable Output: 5v/2.4A each



The Bistro Charging Table offers both wireless & wired charging, is fully brand-able, and is ideal for Stadiums, Schools, Events, Restaurants & Conferences. Charge up to 28 devices at one time. This personalized charging station energizes Phones, Tablets, and Computers and also offers High-Speed Wireless Charging. The 32″ glass top makes it less bulky than our competitors charging tables and makes it perfect for any size space. It includes 12 x charging cables, 4 x Wireless Charging Pads (20W), 8 x USB ports, and 4 x 110v AC outlets which means it can charge up to 28 devices at one time.


Charging Tables – One Size Does Fit All


You can also purchase The Bistro Charging Table in 3 different heights: Coffee Table, Standard, and Hi-Top. Our most popular size is our Hi-Top or Bar Height Table which is 43″ tall. Our Coffee Table height is best for couch and love seat setups and our standard size is great for a standard height chair. Changing the height of your Bistro Charging Table is as easy as just swapping out the center post. The Bistro charging station for phones and tablets is the perfect accent piece for all events and venues at an affordable price.


Custom Branded Charging Tables


You can fully brand your Bistro Charging Table by first downloading the Bistro branding template from our downloads page. Once you’ve downloaded the template, your design team will be able to place your brand or message in each of the charging bays, in the center disc on top of the table, and also fully brand the center post as well. Custom Branded Charging Tables are super functional and offer an essential service to your patrons. For those that are traveling from event to event, we have designed a custom shipping crate making it really easy to pack, ship, and unpack. You can also break it down into three smaller pieces and put them in the back of a car or SUV. We’ll stack the Bistro Charging Table up against any of our competitors whether it’s price or performance.


Bistro Charging Table In a Nutshell


The Bistro Charging Table is the Swiss army knife of cellphone charging stations. It comes with a 32″ tempered glass top, 12 charging cables, 4 wireless charging pads, 8 USB ports, and 4 x 110v AC outlets for charging laptops. Multiple areas for customized branding make these tables perfect for restaurants, bars, universities, food courts and sports arenas as well as a rental units for conferences and events. Need to move it between venues or shows? No problem, it comes apart in 3 pieces or you can purchase a custom travel crate and transport it fully assembled.

Looking for something with lockers instead? Check out our VIP Charging Station.


Wireless Pads (15w) x 4
12 Charging Cables Included
Apple Lightning Cables x 4
Android Cables x 4
USB-C x 4
USB Port x 8
110v Outlets x 4

Input / Output
Cable Output: 5V/2.4A each
Input (Wall Adapter) : 100-240V ~ 2A 50/60Hz
Output (Wall Adapter) : 18V DC 4.0A


Bistro cellphone charging tables with custom 3M Branding for a trade show
Bistro cellphone charging table with custom 3M T-Mobile Branding
Bistro cellphone charging table with custom 3M Enmax Branding
Bistro cellphone charging table with custom Branding and travel crate

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