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Cellphone Charging Stations For Sale! 

We have a wide variety of cellphone charging station options, including 
Charging LockersCharging Tables, and Solar Cellphone Charging Solutions.
Charging stations provide a convenient solution for individuals who need to charge their phones while they are away from home or their usual charging facilities. Whether in public spaces, workplaces, or events, users can quickly and easily charge their devices without needing to carry around chargers or search for available outlets.
Cellphone Charging Stations also offer an enhanced Customer Experience. Businesses that offer charging stations, such as libraries, hospitals, colleges, cafes and retail stores, can enhance the customer experience by providing a valuable amenity. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to charge their phones while they dine, shop, or relax, which can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Check out all of our options below!
Boxster UV Cellphone Charging locker

The Boxster UV Charging Locker

  • 8 Lockers including 2 for Tablets 
  • UV Sterilization
  • Rapid Charge
  • PIN Code Access
  • Supports Apple Lightning, Android & USB-C
  • Custom 3M Branding Available
Boxster UV Max Cellphone Charging locker with 16 lockers and HD display screen and Coca-Cola custom branding

The Boxster UV Max Charging Locker

  • 16 Charging Lockers
  • 24/7 CCTV Camera Included
  • UV Sterilization
  • Rapid Charge
  • Fingerprint Access
  • Supports Apple Lightning, Android & USB-C
  • Optional Stand
  • Custom 3M Branding Available
Boxster Super Max Cellphone Charging Locker with 32 lockers and Coca-Cola custom 3M branding and custom stand

The Boxster Super MAX Charging Locker

  • 32 Charging Lockers
  • Rapid Charge
  •  Fingerprint Access
  • Supports Apple Lightning,
    Android & USB-C
  • Optional Stand
  • Custom 3M Branding Available
The Boxster UV Laptop Charging Locker

Boxster UV Laptop Charging Locker

  • 10 x Type-C Charging Cables
  • 10 x Lightning Charging Cables
  • 10 x AC Universal Outlet For Laptops
  • 21.5” HD Android Digital Screen
  • 7″ LCD Touchscreen Locking System
  • 10 x 3W UV-C Sanitizer Bulbs
  • Custom 3M Branding Available
VIP Cellphone Charging Locker with 19" HD Display

The VIP Charging Locker

  • 8 Lockers for Tablets and Cellphones
  •  Rapid Charge
  •  19″ HD Screen
  •  Small Footprint
  •  Easy to Ship & Set-up
  •  Supports Apple Lightning, Android & USB-C
  •  Custom 3M Branding Available
  •  Available for Sale or Rent
Bistro Cellphone charging table with custom 3M branding for T-Mobile

The Bistro Charging Table

  • Wireless & Wired Charging
  • 32” Glass Top
  • 12 Cords, 8 USB Ports, 4 Wireless Pads
  • 4 110v Outlets
  • Supports Apple Lightning, Android & USB-C
  • Available for Sale or Rent
  • Custom 3M Branding Available

GrowCharge has some great options if you’re looking for a locker style cellphone charging station and we offer them for sale or for rent. They have great functionality and many places like college and university campuses place these in their cafeterias, food courts, libraries and other common areas as a way to make sure students have a spot to power up when they need to. Hospitals are another popular location for our charging stations. Medical Facilities can be busy places and with nurses already being so busy taking care of patients, charging phones for patients and visitors can be overwhelming. Adding a charging locker to a waiting area, reception or cafeteria is a great way for people to charge when they need to without disrupting the hospital staff.

Whether you’re looking for a charging station to showcase your brand or a more compact version that you hang on a wall, GrowCharge has you covered.

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