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Add Cellphone Charging Stations To Your Next Event

 During events, conferences, or festivals, attendees often need to keep their phones charged to stay connected, access event information, or use event-specific apps. Cellphone charging stations provide a convenient solution for event organizers to offer charging facilities to participants.

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 At GrowCharge Inc., our business is keeping your attendees charged up and happy while giving you, the event organizer, a new sponsorship revenue stream. When someone’s phone is dying and they desperately need a charge, they remember who sponsored that cellphone charging station that saved the day. And, your exhibitors and speakers will be happy that attendees aren’t leaving the floor to find a spot to charge or go to their room because their phone is at 7%. We have excellent rental rates and inexpensive shipping in the Las Vegas area.

We’ve rented our cellphone charging stations to hundreds of companies for hundreds of events in Las Vegas and nobody is ever disappointed that they had a spot to charge their device, when it was almost out of juice. Below are a few of the events we’ve been a part of and some of the feedback we’ve received.

VIP cellphone charging lockers in a row with custom 3M branding
DELL Technologies World 2023

Dell Technologies World rented 8 VIP Phone Charging Lockers from us and for their event at The Venetian Expo & Conference Center and it was a huge success. The guests were very happy and Dell was ecstatic.

“The charging stations looked very professional and we received a lot of positive remarks including, These things are life-savers and Where have these been all my life,” Stacey – Dell

We worked with Dell to help them figure out how many phone charging stations they would need, what 3M branding would look best and what content would be most effective on the 19″ HD Screen. The end result was the photo you see here, a very happy customer and super happy attendees.

VIP Cellphone Charging Lockers with 19" HD Screen and Custom Branding
Arctic Wolf/Taylor Group 2023

The Taylor Group rented 6 VIP Phone Charging Lockers from us for their client’s event at Aria Resort & Casino. They strategically placed our phone charging stations around the conference hall, at registration and outside of the meeting rooms. It was a great success and we caught up with one of the attendees and asked them what they thought of having phone charging stations at events.

“They’re amazing! It can be a pain in the butt trying to find power at events like this so these were super helpful.” – Terry

This was our second project with the Taylor Group and they were awesome. We sent them the templates for the custom 3M branding and for the 19″ HD Screen content and they had the finished product back to us in less than 48 hours. We took care of the rest and the result was some great-looking phone charging stations and a very successful event.

Bistro cellphone charging table with custom 3M T-Mobile Branding
T-Mobile Team Building

T-Mobile rented our Bistro Charging Tables for their team building event at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and they were a huge hit! T-Mobile was looking for an option where their teams could have a dedicated location where people could network, charge their phones & laptops and you guessed it, team build.

The Bistro Table was a great solution for them and they ended up purchasing 6 tables from us shortly after the event. They’ll use them for conferences across the country and we made it super easy for them to transport them by manufacturing some great travel cases that make moving them around them super easy.

If you’d like to rent our VIP Charging Lockers or Bistro Charging Tables for your next event, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away. We’re the #1 Charging Station Rental company in the Las Vegas area and have excellent relationships with local shipping companies, Casinos and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Have questions about charging stations for an upcoming event? Renting charging stations in Las Vegas for an event or conference can be challenging and expensive. We can help! Our team will help you plan what charging stations might be the best fit and how many stations you may need. We can even share with you what some of our other customers have done to promote their brand with our custom 3M branding.

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