Cellphone with travel gear for phones

You’re getting ready to head out on a trip — what do you pack? Your bags are full of clothes for daytime and nighttime wear; and your carry-ons have your snacks & Magazines.


What you might have forgotten to consider is additional gear for your phone? When you’re traveling, there are a few key phone essentials you shouldn’t leave home without. Did you know that 35% of consumers use their mobile devices more on vacation than they do at home?


Phone Travel Basics

With travel comes battery drainage. Whether you’re pulling up your itinerary or wasting time in the airport scrolling through Facebook, traveling is not the time for a dead phone.


While part of your journey may include time spent in a venue close to an outlet or even a portable charging station, chances are you will find yourself hankering for some battery life when you’re not in the vicinity of an electrical hook-up.


This is where a portable charger will come in handy. You can invest in a phone charger for as low as $15. Typically the more you invest, the more charge you’ll get.


Another similar option is a battery case for your phone. You can charge up the case and turn it on with the flip of a button when you need a boost. Battery charging phone cases run from $10 on up, depending on your phone model and the charging capacity you need.


If you opt for a portable charger instead of the battery case, there’s another handy option for travellers. A wallet case stores your ID, credit cards and some cash in your phone. Forget about lugging a purse around or worrying about pickpockets stealing your wallet. There are many styles to choose from, all starting as low as around $7.


Another piece of gear for your phone you might consider while traveling is a PopSocket. It’s collapsible grip that you affix to the back of your phone, phone case or tablet. These quickly pop out to be used as a prop so you can put your phone on your plane tray. This makes for easy viewing of videos while you wait to reach your destination. Name brand PopSockets run around $10.


Additions for Abroad

For the overseas traveler, an absolute must-have is a converter and adapter to be used in electrical sockets. Even if you have your own charger powered up, you’ll need to recharge it at some point. Without a converter and adapter, you’ll be out of luck or forced to shell out ample cash to purchase one abroad.


These essentials are only around $10 when purchased online ahead of time. Though you can spend more if you need a converter or adapter for more than one destination.


A couple bonus tips for you:

Make sure your phone is international-ready by downloading any maps you might need before touching down. Without knowing how accessible WiFi will be while touring your destination, having offline access to the locations you intend to explore might be beneficial. We suggest turning your cellular data off before you arrive and connect when WiFi is available. Or, purchase an international data package from your provider before traveling. The last thing you want to return home to is a massive phone bill thanks to a slew of international roaming charges.


The Fun Stuff

If you’re looking to enhance your phone and your travel photos even more, there are several more pieces of gear to consider.


While you may not believe a selfie stick is an essential, the solo traveler might beg to differ. You can find one on Amazon for just under $10.


Another consideration for the Instagram pro is an add-on lens for your mobile phone’s camera. A single lens could run about $10; or you can find a lens kit with multiple focusing options for as low as $13.


Similar to a PopSocket where gripping is concerned, you might want to purchase a phone gripper. Dropping your phone into the Grand Canyon or off the top of the Eiffel Tower would be disastrous and grippers can help with that. There are a bevy of options when it comes to phone grips, so choose the one that makes the most sense for you.


Finally, for the swimmers, snorkelers, and divers among us, investing in a waterproof phone case might benefit you. While you can find models that run as low as $8, you may want to spend a little more on a higher-rated case to ensure true protection.


The Major Takeaways

    • Don’t leave home without the basics — a battery charger or charging case being the most essential travel necessities for your phone.
    • Traveling abroad requires a converter and adapter for charging purposes in other countries.
    • Don’t forget to look into international data plans if you intend to use your phone outside of WiFi-capable areas.
    • Add some fun into the mix with a selfie stick and some high-tech lenses to capture photos and memories you’d never have otherwise.
    • If you drop your phone on occasion, a phone grip might be the phone essential you need most — and not just when traveling!
    • A waterproof phone case might be just the investment you need to make to capture all of your vacation memories, both by land and sea.






    Where we travel, our phones go, too. They take a lot of wear and tear normally, but that can be amped up several notches when trying to capture as much of your vacation as possible. With the help of a few choice accessories, you can make the most of your phone on your next excursion.