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Custom & Commercial Cellphone Charging Stations For Las Vegas Events

Custom Cellphone Charging Stations for Las Vegas Events are our specialty so GO LOCAL! Let GrowCharge Inc. not only provide you with the best commercial cellphone charging stations that Las Vegas has to offer but also local representation. We’re a very attractive option when searching for Charging Stations for your next conference, event or trade show in the Las Vegas area. Check out our Trade Show and Conference Guide to help with your planning.


Our warehouse is located 15 minutes from the strip and we have excellent relationships with our shipping providers. Budgets can be tight, why waste money on something like shipping? Our competitors ship from their warehouses located in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and NY. This means that you could be spending hundreds, and more likely thousands of extra dollars in shipping costs to get the units to Las Vegas. Then you have to ship them back and with today’s fuel prices, those costs add up quickly.


We have excellent relationships with the Hotels and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Our team understands the logistics of planning an event in the Entertainment Capital of The World.

Our 2 Most Popular Charging Station Rentals

Our 2 most popular cellphone charging stations for rent are our VIP Phone Charging Lockers and our Bistro Charging Tables. We deliver all cellphone charging stations in Las Vegas to their destinations in custom crates for super easy packing and unpacking. And, they’re all plug and play with no setup is required.

Check out our 2 featured charging stations below.

VIP Cellphone Charging Locker with 19" HD Display

The VIP has been a mainstay at events in the Las Vegas area and they’re perfect outside of meeting rooms or spread throughout an exhibit hall or conference. We also offer custom 3M branding to showcase your brand and stand out by providing a real tangible benefit to attendees.

  • Our most popular cell phone charging station rental in Las Vegas.
  • Standalone 8 locker phone and tablet charging station comes with a 19″ HD screen for photos and videos.
  • At just over 5′ tall, they’re large enough to stand out and promote your brand. But, with just a 16″ base, they’re compact enough that they’re not intrusive.
  • Very easy to use. Customers charge and retrieve their devices using the keypad to create their own personal PIN code and select an available locker.
  • We provide you with a template to customize your VIP with our 3M Vinyl Branding to highlight your company and message.
Bistro Cellphone charging table with custom 3M branding for T-Mobile
The Bistro Charging Table

The Bistro Charging Table is the most versatile phone charging station in Las Vegas. It’s THE premier charging table on the market today. Replace a few tables at your next event with our Bistro Charging Tables. Your guests and sponsors will surely be grateful.

  • Charge up to 28 devices at one time including Laptops, Cellphones and Tablets
  • Includes 12 x charging cables, 4 x Wireless Charging Pads, 8 x USB Ports and 4 x 110v outlets for laptops.
  • Creates meeting spaces and they’re also great for eating areas, lobbies and meeting rooms.
  • Allows your guests to charge their devices in comfort so that they aren’t sitting on the floor near an outlet.
  • We provide you with a template to customize your Bistro Charging Table with our 3M Vinyl Branding to highlight your company and message.

Final Thoughts

Renting charging stations in Las Vegas for an event or conference can be challenging and expensive. We can help! Our team will help you plan which charging stations might be the best fit and how many stations you may need. We can even share with you what some of our other customers have done to promote their brand with our custom 3M branding.
Call 1-800-403-1560 to get a quote for your next cellphone charging station rental, fill out the quick form or catch us on our Live Chat!
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