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Las Vegas is our home and if you’re looking to rent a charging station for a conference in the Las Vegas area, we’re your go to company. We have excellent relationships with all of the Hotels and the Convention Centers and understand that planning events can be stressful, especially in Las Vegas. Let us alleviate some of that stress by coordinating your next charging station rental. We’ll take care of the custom branding and the delivery and pickup of your Charging Stations. And because our warehouse is in Las Vegas, our shipping rates are a fraction of what our competitors are charging who ship their charging stations from the Eastern US. 

Though Las Vegas is our home, we sell and provide charging station rentals all over the country and we don’t stop there. We’ve sold our VIP Cell Phone Charging Towers to resorts in the Bahamas, Universities in Canada, Hotels in London and Hospitals all over the world. The Boxster UV cell phone charging locker is our newest charging station and not only offers fast, secure charging but it also uses UV Light to sterilize your devices while they charge. Charging your devices is as simple as choosing a locker and entering your own personal PIN code.

Please fill out the form on this Contact Page to get a quote for your next Charging Station Rental or Purchase. We offer excellent customer service and have a great reputation working with companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sparks, MLB, the PGA and more.

Our Green Initiative

Every time someone rents or purchases a cell phone charging station from us, we plant trees in North America to help offset the effects of being both a consumer and provider of energy. Please do your part and rent or purchase from us if you need a cellphone charger station locker or Charging Tower or Charging Table. Together we can fight the threat of Global Warming.

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