Cellphones being used a a concert

Imagine this, you’re at a concert to see your favourite band. It’s a revival tour and it will probably be the last time you will see them live. They come back for an encore, and it’s your all-time favourite song. You ready your phone to record it so you can keep this memory forever. They play the opening note… and your phones dies. Devastating, right?


Dying Cell Phone Batteries at Concert Events

People share many aspects of their lives on social media, including concerts. From taking photos and videos of their favourite act to post on Instagram, to checking in to the event on Facebook, or tweeting about the performance; people share their entire concert experiences online. With the plethora of filming, photography, and the lengthy uploading process on slow stadium Wi-Fi networks phone batteries get used up and die much faster than normal. People are left with dead phone batteries part way through the concert and are unable to connect and engage through social media.


Concert Event Charging Stations Help Patrons

With outlets hidden and not easily accessible in concert arenas it is near impossible to charge your phone once it dies. Even if there are a few available outlets, the last thing you want to do is sit in the hall to charge your phone while the concert goes on.


Providing a GrowCharge charging station is a secure and reliable way to charge phones at concert venues and promote attendee’s engagement by prolonging the ability to document and share individual concert experiences.


Security Threats of Dead Cell Phone Batteries

A dead phone battery during a concert is not just an inconvenience, but it also poses a personal security issue. Many rely on the use of a cell phones to safely get home whether it’s via Uber, Lyft, Taxi or a friend or family member coming to pick them up. Without a charged phone, life gets difficult pretty quickly in the chaos that ensues after the concert is over.


Having a GrowCharge charging station for events and at your venue will keep your patron’s phones charged up and also keep them happy, engaged and safe. Browse our mobile charging station products to choose the right locker, kiosk, table or wall-mounted unit for your needs.