Two Choice Signs for renting, leasing or buying cellphone charging stations

Commercial Phone Charging Stations are the new free Wifi. You’ve probably run the numbers and you know the benefits of having a free to use charging station. Customers love being somewhere that allows them to power up their devices. Having customers stick around a little longer might mean more purchases. It may also lead to more positive reviews on social media sites like Facebook & Instagram.


But, where do you go from here in terms of renting, leasing, or outright buying a charging station?


When to Rent

The option to rent a charging station is a great choice for one-time events. At conferences, trade shows, weddings, and corporate functions, charging stations are always essential. Anytime people are in a venue for a few hours at a time, they will most likely need to boost their battery power. Growcharge offers 1-2 day rentals and 3-5 day rentals, depending on the needs of the event organizer.


“We been providing charging stations to our attendees for use on the show floor. We’ve also been re-selling them to our exhibitors to use in their own booths. We benefit two-fold, first by keeping attendees on the floor longer. And second, by seeing a boost in our own bottom line from the re-sell method, as well.” Dominique, event coordinator, CT


When to Lease

Leasing is a good option for businesses lacking the capital needed to invest in a commercial phone charging station. Leasing is a great option to consider and our leasing terms are both affordable and attainable. We can tailor your lease to the exact needs and objectives of your business.


“I’ve found the Growcharge “VIP” Charging Station to be well worth the money. The first month I leased it. I’ve had several clients stay for a second group class when I show them the station. Their low-battery anxiety goes away, and the built-in screen also lets me show promos of upcoming classes.” Amanda, personal trainer, MA


Amanda isn’t making up the term “low-battery anxiety” as it’s a very real and pervasive feeling for most users. In fact, one study discovered that 90% of people panic if they think their phone is about to lose its charge. By providing a remedy to that anxiety, business owners retain a customer. They also foster the likelihood of return business and can strive to accrue more sales, as well.


When to Buy

While more costly at the outset, purchasing a device charging station will ultimately save you money over the long-term. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, manage a school or campus, or you’re in the hospital and healthcare space, buying will be the path that makes the most fiscal sense and will give you the biggest return on investment.


“We purchased the Growcharge Boxster UV for our main waiting room about six months ago. I don’t think I’ve seen it being used by fewer than four people at any given moment. I can easily direct worried family members there twenty-four hours a day. It takes some stress out of their lives because they don’t have to think about keeping their phone charged when their loved one is in need. And since the Boxster is a charging locker and not just a table, they can secure their device and leave the room if someone comes in with a private update or visitation request.” Jamaal, Nurse, DE


The Major Takeaways

      • Event-related businesses may benefit most from renting a charging station for each singular event they host

      • Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations that lack the capital may derive more value with a monthly lease instead of buying a charging station outright

      • For hospitals, airports, schools, and permanent institutions with longevity, buying a phone charging kiosk may give you the most bang for your buck

      • Business owners on the fence about the return on investment from commercial phone charging stations could consider a combination of all options. Perhaps starting with a lease after the rental proves its value, and then converting that to a purchase.


    And The Worst Option Is…

    The truth is that any of these three options are better than not providing customers with access to power. The quality and level of service you offer your patrons gets a big boost whenever you provide thoughtful conveniences. We are firm believers that investing in your customers is always a great way to invest in yourself. Our solutions offer a realistic, appreciated and utilitarian way to please your client base.