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Commercial Phone Charging Stations – Rent, Lease, or Buy?

Two Choice Signs for renting, leasing or buying cellphone charging stations

Commercial Phone Charging Stations are the new free Wifi. You’ve probably run the numbers and you know the benefits of having a free to use charging station. Customers love being somewhere that allows them to power up their devices.

Types of Charging Stations & Phone Charging Station Basics

Questions about types of cellphone charging stations

So you’re thinking about renting or purchasing a cell phone charging station. Here’s a basic guide explaining the different types of charging stations available today. We also detail how they operate, their approximate costs and the features that they come with.

Essential Travel Gear For Your Phones & Tablets

Cellphone with travel gear for phones

You’re getting ready to head out on a trip — what do you pack? Your bags are full of clothes for daytime and nighttime wear; and your carry-ons have your snacks & Magazines. What you might have forgotten to consider is additional travel gear for your phone?

How Phone Charging Stations Improve Customer Satisfaction

Cellphone Charging improves customer satisfaction.

The ability to provide great customer satisfaction and foster repeat business becomes that much easier when a phone charging station enters the picture. Whether it’s a locker, table or tower, any solution is a welcome one to customers.

Concert Events & Charging Stations Go Hand in Hand

Cellphones being used a a concert

Providing a GrowCharge charging station is a secure and reliable way to charge phones at concert venues and promote attendee’s engagement by prolonging the ability to document and share individual concert experiences.

3 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Phone Battery

Questions about types of cellphone charging stations

The good news: with a few simple practices, you can significantly extend your phone battery’s lifespan and keep it performing at its peak. Here are 3 powerful tips to ensure your phone battery enjoys a long and happy life.