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Cell Phone Charging Stations For Events & Conferences: The Complete Guide

Trade Show Floor

 In this week’s blog, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about phone charging stations and how to effectively use them at your events. Below is a list of topics we’re going to discuss and we promise you that by the end, you’ll be an expert. Why Should I Have Charging Stations at […]

Solar Phone Charging Stations For Cities – What Every City Needs

College students charging their cellphones using the SolMate Solar cellphone charging station

Solar Cellphone Charging Stations Coming to a City Near You  Solar Phone Charging Stations will hopefully be coming to a city near you soon. GrowCharge Inc. are trying to help communities with their GREEN   They can easily be placed in parks, on city streets, at hospitals, schools, restaurants, outdoor pools & clubs, outdoor malls, golf courses, […]

Charging Stations For Schools And Colleges: Safety, Security & Sanity

Students using cellphones in schools and colleges

Re-Charging Stations For Schools & Colleges Charging Stations for Schools and Colleges are starting to become a real need for students. While it’s safe to say that the majority of us are addicted to our mobile phones, there’s one segment of the population where this holds true for more than others, college students. An estimated 60% of […]

Solar Powered Charging Stations – Free Through Government Grants

Students standing in front of the SolMate solar cellphone charging station

Government Grants For Solar Charging Stations  Many of our clients receive government grants for solar powered charging stations. Apparently, they aren’t that hard to get. New & old Government Grants are available everyday and are available to just about everyone. We thought we’d show you how you can apply for a grant for your own […]

Why Every Hospital Really Needs A Phone Charging Station

Cellphone and Stethoscope for cellphone charging stations for hospitals

 Every hospital really needs a phone charging station. According to the American Hospital Association, there are 35,158,934 admissions to U.S. hospitals annually. This number doesn’t account for the visitors each of those patients have during their admittance. With upwards of 92% of Americans owning a cell phone, it’s likely that the majority of those patients […]

Commercial Phone Charging Stations – Rent, Lease, or Buy?

Two Choice Signs for renting, leasing or buying cellphone charging stations

 Commercial Phone Charging Stations are the new free Wifi. You’ve probably run the numbers and you know the benefits of having a free to use charging station. Customers love being somewhere that allows them to power up their devices. Having customers stick around a little longer might mean more purchases. It may also lead to more […]

Trade Show Charging Stations: Where Increased Battery Life = Increased Sales

Trade Show SIgn

 Trade shows often take place in large convention centers where WiFi networks are usually overloaded and electrical outlets are hard to find. They are also where money is exchanging hands and business is taking place in increasingly mobile-fueled situations. The need for commercial charging stations has never been greater for trade show organizers, as mobile […]

Types of Charging Stations & Phone Charging Station Basics

Questions about types of cellphone charging stations

 So you’re thinking about renting or purchasing a cell phone charging station. Here’s a basic guide explaining the different types of charging stations available today. We also detail how they operate, their approximate costs and the features that they come with.  More and more, we’re starting to see various types of charging stations popping up […]

Mobile Charging Stations for Event Planners & Marketing Agencies

Mobile Cellphone Charging Stations for Event Planners

 Marketing Agencies and Event Companies that tackle concerts, graduations, weddings, sporting events or speaking engagements are starting to see the increased need for mobile phone charging stations. Attendees are now expecting that venues and events will offer a way for them to charge their devices. if there aren’t any present, attendees can feel frustrated and […]