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Essential Travel Gear For Your Phones & Tablets

Cellphone with travel gear for phones

You’re getting ready to head out on a trip — what do you pack? Your bags are full of clothes for daytime and nighttime wear; and your carry-ons have your snacks & Magazines. What you might have forgotten to consider is additional gear for your phone? When you’re traveling, there are a few key phone […]

How Phone Charging Stations Improve Customer Satisfaction

Cellphone Charging improves customer satisfaction.

Your customer is looking through the dessert menu and his date is browsing the mixed drinks, but then he looks down and notices his phone is dying. Not the worst thing in the world, right? To him, he starts thinking about a potential emergency or tomorrow’s meeting that was up in the air – he […]

Concert Events & Charging Stations Go Hand in Hand

Cellphones being used a a concert

 Imagine this, you’re at a concert to see your favourite band. It’s a revival tour and it will probably be the last time you will see them live. They come back for an encore, and it’s your all-time favourite song. You ready your phone to record it so you can keep this memory forever. They […]

3 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Phone Battery

In today’s hyper-connected world, our phones are practically extensions of ourselves. We rely on them for everything from communication and entertainment to navigation and productivity. But just like any well-loved tool, a phone’s battery can wear down over time, leaving us scrambling for chargers and frustrated by diminishing power. The good news: with a few […]