A Leader In The
Phone Charging Station Industry

Growcharge been has supplying phone charging stations for rentals and sales to companies and
organizations just like yours for years. We offer a wide variety of charging stations and
furniture and also believe in giving back. Read below for some more info about our great company.

About GrowCharge

Growcharge Inc. is one of the leading providers of cell phone charging stations in North America. You can find our charging stations in your favourite venues across all major North American cities!

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada and also in Canada Growcharge offers an array of phone charging stations . We offer the best in wall mounted charging stations, charging tables, phone charging towers and various other charger station solutions. Growcharge Inc. is your go to company when you’re looking for the latest in phone charging stations. Our products are not only pretty to look at but are also certified in rapid charge technology. Follow this link to check out all of our cell charging stations.


Committed to Green Initiatives

Growcharge Inc is not only committed to ensuring you are never powerless but also committed to offsetting the natural resources that are depleted by being a provider and consumer of energy. We do this by committing to a reforestation program by planting trees in North America every time we rent or sell a phone charging station. With the Global Warming threat on the horizon we’re trying to do our part to help save the planet. Did you know that 10 acres of trees can remove up to 26 tons of carbon dioxide each year?” You can check out this article on the “Top 22 benefits of trees.“