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Featured Cellphone Charging Stations

Some of our most popular charging stations are our Charging Lockers with UV Sterilization and our Solar Cellphone Charging Stations. Our solar units are so popular that Baton Rouge are adding the SolMate Solar charger to their 170 parks over the next 2 years!

8 Locker Charging Station Great for Schools, Hospitals and Libraries.
16 Locker Charging Station Similar to our Boxster UV but with twice as many lockers.
Our Solar Charging Pole uses the sun to charge devices. GO GREEN!
Our Solar Charging Bench is great for parks, playgrounds and any other outdoor space.


Our VIP Charging Tower promotes your brand at tradeshows and conferences.

Cellphone Charging Stations For Every Venue and
Every Event

GrowCharge Inc. offers a wide variety of Wireless Charging Tables, Cellphone Charging Lockers and Solar Cellphone Charging Stations for commercial use. Based in Las Vegas, NV, we’re your go to source for keeping your customers, clients, and guests fully charged. Our pricing is very competitive for both rentals & purchases and our customer service is top-notch.

We have many options to choose from including, the Bistro Charging Table that offers both wired and wireless charging. We have the VIP Charging Locker which is great for cellphones and tablets and includes a 19″ HD screen. Or, our UV Sterilizing Cellphone Charging Kiosk, the 16 Locker Boxster UV Max. If you’re thinking about going GREEN, check out our Solar Cellphone Charging Stations.

With the surge in mobile phone usage, more and more hospitals, businesses, campuses and many other venues are adding free cellphone charging stations to their infrastructure, so people can stay powered up.

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Looking to rent a few charging stations for an event or trade show?  We’ve got you covered and have a cellphone charging station for every type of event including Trade Shows, Conventions, Sporting Events, Concerts, Festivals and more. Or maybe you’re looking to purchase a cellphone charging locker for your Health Care Facility, or College. Check out our Boxster Line-up that offers 8, 16 and 32 locker options. We also believe in GREEN technology at GrowCharge which is why we have introduced a line of Solar Cellphone Charging Stations that include solar charging benches and charging poles. Our Plaza Solar Cellphone Charging Bench has been a favourite for parks and college campuses across the country. Another popular solar unit has been the SolMate Solar Charging Pole which has also been a huge hit. It’s great for parks, campuses and even hiking trails and campgrounds.

Our Clients Helped Us Plant 5000+ Tress in 2023

Every time we sell or rent a cellphone charging station, we donate a portion of the proceeds to re-forestation efforts across the USA.  The trees we plant offset the carbon footprint of our cellphone charging stations, over their lifetime and beyond.

Being GREEN and being mindful of our carbon footprint is important to us.

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